short film
16:26 min, HD, color, 2014.

Short fiction film set during the turbulent times in the 18th century Serbian village. Life of a poor, superstitious Serbian family dramatically changes when the head of the family, father and husband returns from the war against Turks - infected with vampirism. However, one family member manages to find salvation in the place least expected.

cast: Kristina Vuletic, Andrija Danicic, Natasa Ninkovic, Vojin Cetkovic, Nemanja Pavlovic
written and directed by Emilija Gasic
produced by Dusan Djokovic, Emilija Gasic
cinematography by Jhonny Hchaime
production design by Maja Djuricic
sound design by Dora Filipovic
edited by Natasa Pantic
music by Dimitrije Cvetkovic
produced by Dunja Cuk
The Academy of Arts in Belgrade

2016. Frostbitter, Icelandic Film Festival, Iceland, Official Selection
2016. Garden City International Film Festival, India, Official Selection
2016. VI Russian International Horror Film Festival and Award DROP Moscow, Russia, Official Selection
2016. Women in Film + Television Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada, Official Selection
2015. The Golden Pelican Petros Award at the Mykonos Biennale, Mykonos, Greece
2015. Montenegro International Fantastic Film Festival – MONTIFFF, Tivat, Montenegro, Official Selection
2015. Student Art Festival, Goldenrod, Florida, Official Selection
2015. Early Bird Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, Official Selection
2015. The People’s Film Festival, New York, USA, Official Selection
2014. Serbian Fantasy Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia, Official Selection
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