short film
24:25 min, HD, color, 2016

During the war in 1999. in Serbia - Sofia retreats with her mother to their old family house in the village. The house is very old and still carries the disquiet of previous generations residing within.

cast: Sofija Uzunovic, Natasa Tapuskovic, Jelena Grujicic, Jasna Djuricic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Dejan Corkovic
directed by Emilija Gasic
written by Emilija Gasic, Tijana Grumic
cinematography by Igor Marovic
production design by Maja Djuricic
sound design by Dora Filipovic
edited by Sara Santini
music by Dimitrije Cvetkovic
produced by Aleksandar Necakov
The Academy of Arts in Belgrade.

2017. Best Original Score at the Bobst Film Festival, New York, USA
2017. Jury Award (Honorable mention) at the Bobst Film Festival, New York, USA
2017. Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, Official Selection
2017. Award for the Best Serbian Film, Kraljevski Filmski Festival, Kraljevo, Serbia, Official Selection
2017. Macabro Film Festival in Mexico, Official Selection
2017. Prokuplje Short Film Festival, Prokuplje, Serbia, Official Selection
2016. Audience Choice Award at KRAF, Kragujevac, Serbia
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