short film
8:22 min, HD, color, 2014.

In the end of the 19th century, lonely and desperate Masha writes a series of love letters to a man who doesn't respond. Her cold and ignorant husband leads his own life not seeming to notice nor care about his wife’s troubles. Masha chooses to live in her own world, in their huge renaissance home trying to cope with her rather bleak future and a quite disturbing past. A short fiction film based on a story by a Russian writer Ivan Bunin.

cast: Tatiana Evonuk, Jim High, Maria Nistryanu
written and directed by Emilija Gasic
produced by Emilija Gasic
cinematography by Jhonny Hchaime
edited by Emilija Gasic
Prague Film School

2015. Royal Reel Award for the student film category at the Canadian International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2015. Student Art Festival, Goldenrod, Florida Official Selection
2015. Mykonos Biennale, Mykonos, Greece, Official Selection
2014. Early Bird Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, Official Selection
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